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Final Project:


One on My Street:


City Hall Map
City Hall: Past vs. Present 
City Hall Entrance Way 1930


City Hall Entrance Way 2010


City Hall Courtyard 1914


City Hall Courtyard 2010


City Hall Courtyard 1912


City Hall Courtyard 2010


Broad and Market Streets-West Side 1912
Broad and Market Streets-Westside 2010
McKinley Statue 1912


McKinley Statue 2010



Juniper Street From Southeast Corner of City Hall 1914



Juniper Street From Southeast Corner of City Hall 2010



Front View 1936



Front View 2010



City Hall Tower 1949



City Hall Tower 2010



McClellan Statue 1913



McClellan Statue 2010



Bullitt Statue 1912



Bullitt Statue 2010










12 at Independence Mall

Janice, 52, has lived in Philadelphia her whole life. "Although you found me waiting for the bus, my favorite thing about Philly is being able to walk everywhere" she chuckles, however the trash everywhere, Janice hates.



Daniel, 41, was born and raised in Northeast Philadelphia his entire life. "Im a huge Philadelphia sports fan. Sixers, Eagles, Phillies, you name it. I also love the different people you meet around here, but im definately not a fan of my neighbors. They are antisocial."



Marie, 67, claims that Philadelphia is her only home and has lived here her whole life. "My favorite thing about Philadelphia is work, and my least favorite thing is, um, WORK!" she giggles.



Kahrizma, 33, recently moved to Philadelphia from Delaware a few months ago. "I love the social life, there is just so much more to do around here than in Delaware, but it's definately alot dirtier than I thought it would be."



Steve, 29, moved to Philadelphia for his job at Peco 2 years ago. "I love how philly has alot of pride for the different things they do, but I hate how noisy it can be," ironically he says as proceeds to shout to his co-worker down a man hole.



Tonya, 25, is still new to Philadelphia, only living here for 4 years. "I've made really great friends here so far, but i've come to hate all this traffic and public transportation. It's just so crowded."



Bevin, 14, lived in Philadelphia her whole life. "I like my school and going on field trips around the city, but there's a lot of pollution right?"



Dennis, 42, born and raised in West Philadelphia. "I love how in Philadelphia, there is a make-up of everything. There is so much diversity, it's great." Though Dennis enjoys how diverse the city can be, he hates seeing all the homeless people around and how there is little effort to help them out.



Issac, 67, has been in Philadelphia since 1959. Issac has been a housecleaner for years and has come across a ton of activity. He agrees that Philadelphia offers tons of excitement, but with excitement, comes the negatives: the killings. "I would smile for the picture, but I dont have any teeth," he laughs.



Tom, 48, grew up in Philadelphia. "Im into architecture, so I love looking at all the highrises and buildings that still stand hundreds of years later, but the crime, I could definately deal without all of that."



Mariane, 32, has been living in Philadelphia for ten years now. "Theres is alot to do around here. Me and my girlfriends still hit up the bars at our age. But the public transportation, definately causes issues, but no point in driving, you can't park for free anywhere."



Lamar, 20, has lived at 26th and Girard his whole life. "My great-grandmother lived there and passed the house down for generations. Now its my home, so the house is really special to me." Lamar continues to say that he loves going shopping in Philadelphia, but warns everyone to watch out for the violence.



The People of South Street:           

South Street Map            

Since I really enjoy taking portraits, I walked South Street (from river to river) and documented the people I encountered on each street. You never know what kinds of people you’ll see..           


South and Front at 1:27pm



South and 2nd St. at 1:29pm



South and 3rd St. at 1:30pm



South and 4th St. at 1:32pm



South and 5th St. at 1:33pm



South and 6th at 1:35pm



South and 7th St. at 1:36pm



South and 8th St. at 1:36pm



South and 9th St. at 1:39pm



South and 10th St. at 1:40pm



South and 11th St. at 1:43pm



South and 12th St. at 1:44pm



South and 13th St. at 1:46pm



South and 14th St. at 1:48pm



South and Broad St. at 1:50pm



South and 16th St. at 2:01pm



South and 17th St. at 2:03pm



South and 18th St. at 2:07pm



South and 19th St. at 2:09pm



South and 20th St. at 2:09pm



South and 21st St. at 2:11pm



South and 22nd St. at 2:12pm



South and 23rd St. at 2:15pm



South and 24th St. at 2:19pm



South and 25th St. at 2:22pm



South and 26th St. at 2:27pm



South and 27th St. at 2:34pm


Philadelphia A to Z:       

A to Z Map     

I decided to document all things found in my house, located at 16th and Montgomery. Enjoy:       

A is for apples in my kitchen



B is for my bathroom


C is for my carpet

D is for my dog Chloe



E is for the earrings in my jewlery box



F is for forks in my kitchen



G is for grill



H is for my hamper



I is for icetray



J is for jam (my favorite kind)



K is for the keyboard on my computer



L is for my roommates laundry



M is for the milk in my fridge



N is for nuts in my cabinet



O is for the olive oil in my cabinet



P is for the pans in the oven



Q is for the spare quarters I found in my room



R is for the rings in my jewlery box



S is for the stairs of my house



T is for thermostat (it's always cold in my house)



U is for the umbrella laying on my floor



V is for the vase those flowers sit in



W is for the water running into the sink



X is for the old x-rays i found in my closet (random, I know)



Y is for my yard (full of snow unfortunately)


Z is for the zipper on my jacket


My World:   

Below is the link to the slideshow about my world. Enjoy 🙂   



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  • lorengolden: The shots are terrific - I am very proud of you. EWG
  • Joe Pote: Awesome pictures.
  • Pat Winokur: We were talking to your Mom today aand she gave us this site. Just wanted to let you know the photos that we are able to see are great. L's Unc


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