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Portraits are my favorite types of shots to shoot. I prefer not to pose people because I dont want to picture to look rehearsed. I like to capture the true essence of the individual, and snap a shot when they least expect it.


I am planning on creating a photostory on this mistreatment of animals. Snce i am in the beginning stages, hereĀ are a few pictures of what i have shot at the SPCA so far..

Over the weekend I went to a family party. Baby Ryan was there looking so adorable, I just had to take a few pictures of him.




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  • lorengolden: The shots are terrific - I am very proud of you. EWG
  • Joe Pote: Awesome pictures.
  • Pat Winokur: We were talking to your Mom today aand she gave us this site. Just wanted to let you know the photos that we are able to see are great. L's Unc