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Some of the most interesting pictures come from just walking the streets of Philadelphia….

On a nice sunny day, it is easy to see perfect reflections of the historic buildings.

All kinds of interesting people make their own way to survive

By dragging the shutter, you are able to capture the motion of the bike rider by still keeping the subject in focus.

You dont always have to hold your camera at eye level. In order to capture the “hussel and bussel” of the subway station, I held the camera above my head to gain a greater view.




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  • lorengolden: The shots are terrific - I am very proud of you. EWG
  • Joe Pote: Awesome pictures.
  • Pat Winokur: We were talking to your Mom today aand she gave us this site. Just wanted to let you know the photos that we are able to see are great. L's Unc